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Stunning Baths with Floor-To-Ceiling Tile

Posted by Emser Tile on Mar 27, 2019 6:13:52 AM


Designing a bath can be an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind oasis. Whether in a residential or commercial setting, installing tile from floor-to-ceiling within a bath adds a unique touch to bring the space together. From texture to color to finish, the different qualities of tile collections, including both its timelessness and its durability, allow designers to install a long-lasting wall solution for nearly every aesthetic.  

These baths, featuring tile from floor to ceiling, can spark your own design inspiration: 


Shown: Center

Adding a textured wall within a bath creates a statement. In this master bath, each of the walls is lined with contrasting tile collections. Behind the vanity is Emser Tile’s Center series, which contributes a three-dimensional component to the room. Its horizontal lines draw the eye towards the window, highlighting the beautiful view. The tiles lining the wall behind the tub provide a more classic look, complementing the view as the room’s focal point.


Shown: Colori

Wall tile can also be a fantastic way to infuse color. In this bath, the wall behind the vanity features Emser Tile’s Colori series, installed in a high-gloss, color-block mosaic. The change in colorway from blue to white and grey ties in the vanity and adds a touch of glamour to the room.  


Shown: Ombre

Using a neutral tile is a great way to create a subtle backdrop for other design elements within a minimalist bath. The bright center and saturated edges of Emser Tile’s Ombre collection elevates classic subway tile with a design-forward component. This bath’s wood countertop, metal light fixtures and plant décor create a sleek rustic aesthetic that is further enhanced by this floor-to-ceiling wall tile.


Shown: Nuovo 

A geometric tile can be used from floor to ceiling as a complement to other textures within a bath. This master bath uses Emser Tile’s Nuovo series, featuring large-scale geometric patterns amplified by small-scale etched details, to create a sophisticated space by refracting light throughout the room and making the space look larger.

Explore Emser Tile’s full suite of wall tile products to get started on your bath project.

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