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Participate in the Premier Awards Program of the Year with Interior Design and Emser Tile

Posted by Emser Tile on Oct 9, 2018 9:08:28 AM


Interior Design’s Best of Year is the design industry’s premier awards program, honoring the most significant work of the year. Voted on by industry members, the program has become the ultimate measure of design excellence. 

This year, Emser Tile has two series vying for the flooring and wall covering honors. Voting is now open through Saturday, October 20. Please join us in voting for each series once per day!

Terazio for Flooring: Tile and Stone - Vote here!
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Highlighting the elegance of the material created by Tuscan artisans long ago, Terazio captures speckled color variations with a scintillating subtle shimmer in both texture-rich and geometric designs. Famed Italian porcelain tile in distinct matte and gloss finishes combines state-of-the-art design and high-definition printing techniques for a material that is at once beautiful and durable.

The captivating collection surfaces in four primary patterns—Blanco, Gesso, Nero, and Palladio—ranging from subtle small-scale stones to a larger scale cut with random edges. Terazio’s large format enables minimal grout lines for smooth, on-trend transitions. Terazio is available in special order accent colors and patterns to inspire designer customization, to act as a visual divider or accent, and to provide a durable design solution for timeless interiors.

Nuovo for Wall Covering: Tile and Stone - Vote here!
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A dynamic visual interplay of shadow and dimension, Nuovo combines large-scale geometry and etched detailing to refract light and complement interior textures. Form and texture, achieved through innovative high-definition printing, highlights the undeniable glamour and sophistication of commercial interiors in distinct 12” x 35” proportions.

Four standard patterns use dimensionality as luxurious design statements or subtle, yet intriguing backdrops. From largest- to smallest-scale, each pattern showcases its unique personality. 

Thank you for the support in the 2018 Best of Year! We hope Terazio and Nuovo inspire you. 

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