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Opposites Attract with Sunbrella and Emser in Residential Interiors

Posted by Emser Tile on Jul 11, 2017 9:01:58 AM

Design evolves every season as trends ebb and flow. However, one consistent design element that is resonating in today’s interiors is mixing opposing forces to create a particular aesthetic. To share some of our favorite pairings, we partnered with Sunbrella, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art performance fabrics, to highlight forces that ‘clash’ beautifully in today’s contemporary residential environments.

“One of the strongest trends in the market today is the use of opposing forces,” said Greg Voorhis, Design Director for Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, the makers of Sunbrella. “You see old contrasted with new, light with dark, shiny with matte, natural with man-made. We considered all of these opposing forces in creating the Shift Collection, and as a whole, it can be seen how we ‘shift’ through these various elements from each pattern and colorway to the next.” 

Designed to be mixed and matched, Sunbrella’s Shift Collection features classic designs interpreted in a contemporary fashion. The collection is comprised of six patterns that cleverly layer texture, color, and pattern, fusing traditional pattern with modern styling. Sunbrella fabrics allow customers to have it all – authentic, artisanal design, and durable performance – all in one fabric.

We’re utilizing the latest tools and technology in the tile industry to create a myriad of aesthetics that pair well with today’s leading design manufacturers. From rustic to sleek, our ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone series incorporate strong neutrals that complement colorful designs in residential spaces.

We paired Sunbrella’s versatile Shift fabrics with four Emser tile and stone collections to achieve the following opposing aesthetics:

Shiny with matte
7M4A8108.jpg EMSER TILE_HANGAR-2.jpg
For a sleek and modern aesthetic, pair a metallic material a with matte flooring or wallcovering. Spotlight, one of the colorful new fabrics created for the Shift collection, consists of both basic neutrals and vibrant hues with soft, inviting textures. It also features a metallic sheen for added visual interest and shine. Pair Spotlight with Emser’s Hangar - a tile series with a neutral, linear pattern and matte finish offered in large format sizes.

Color with concrete
GR_00933.jpg Emser_Borigni_Gray_12x23-8.jpg
Allow bright accents to shine while the flooring’s industrial, urban aesthetic subtly lays the foundation. The bright hues of Sunbrella fabrics pair perfectly with an industrial concrete look, such as what you’ll find in Borigni, now trending in surfaces.

Modern with rustic
7M4A7963.jpg barn_Black_Room_Scene_grande.jpg
Cool gray tones are trending in design. Pairing modern design elements with a rustic opposing force allows both aesthetics to stand out individually, while complementing one another cohesively. Match Sunbrella’s Radiant Silver Shift fabric with a rustic tile such as Barn, a series that embraces the beauty of rustic, painted wood planks that have been worn over time.

Natural with man-made
7M4A7018.jpg Pg4_Presidio_Chevron Mosaic.jpg
One of Sunbrella’s influences for the Shift Collection was pairing natural and man-made influences. To add to the natural feel of a residential environment, consider a stone collection, like Presidio. Limestone contains subtle variations in color and veining as a result of minerals present during formation. The naturally occurring variations in this ivory collection add to the beauty of the stone.

To discover more ways to inspire your own home designs, visit Sunbrella and Emser Tile.

Images courtesy of Sunbrella.

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