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Introducing Uptown

Posted by Emser Tile on Jun 30, 2017 8:53:00 AM

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The sleek qualities of concrete continue to be popular in both residential and commercial environments. Our new tile series, Uptown, captures the sophisticated feel through subtle textures and color variations that are both timeless and urban.

The glazed body match porcelain series is both beautiful and durable. Two distinct finishes allow Uptown to contribute to a range of interior and exterior aesthetics: matte for an understated look, and polished for a contemporary approach to elegance.

Emser Tile_Uptown (1).jpg
Shown: Uptown

Uptown is suited for both indoor and outdoor environments, which enables a seamless transition between indoor/outdoor living spaces. Large format tile sizes, including 12” x 24” and 24” x 47” tiles, help to extend the floor plane and give the illusion of a larger space. 

Shown: Uptown in Sugar Hill

A range of warm and cool earth tones lend it to both calming and energetic designs, while highlighting the varied texture and movement with each color.

Explore the Uptown color palette:
Pg05 Uptown Sugar Hill.jpgPg05 Uptown Manhattan.jpgPg05 Uptown Hudson.jpgPg05 Uptown Hamilton.jpgPg05 Uptown Washington.jpg
From left to right: Uptown in Sugar Hill, Manhattan, Hudson, Hamilton, Washington

Explore Uptown surfacing in BUILDER.

Feature image: Uptown in Washington

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