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Introducing Terazio

Posted by Emser Tile on Jun 21, 2018 8:52:18 AM

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‘Pavimento alla veneziana.’ Venetian pavement comes from 18th-century Tuscan Italy when ancient Italian craftsman placed pieces of stone and glass into beds of mortar to create a shimmering material. Terrazzo spread in popularity, eventually to America in the 1920s, and continues to have a strong presence in design today. 

In a nod to the alluring material, Emser Tile’s Terazio™ captures speckled variations with a subtle shimmer in distinct matte and gloss finishes. Created with high-quality Italian porcelain tile combined with state-of-the-art high-definition technology, the series brings to light the elegance of a material created by Italian artisans long ago - in true old world meets new world fashion. 

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In addition to Terazio’s four main patterns above, the series is available in special order accent colors and patterns for designer customization - all while providing a durable design solution for today’s residential and commercial interiors. 

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Play with scale by alternating patterns from floor to wall, or even outdoors. How will Terazio inspire you?

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