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Introducing Rhapsody

Posted by Emser Tile on Dec 25, 2018 7:50:02 PM

Emser Tile_Rhapsody Diagonal (2)

Today’s designers and homeowners crave one-of-a-kind living spaces - customizable spaces that can seamlessly move from indoor to outdoor environments. The new Rhapsody series embraces this concept, juxtaposing an alluring distressed finish with modern design flexibility. 

Emser Tile_Rhapsody Floral
Shown: Rhapsody Floral

White and black simplistic, modern diagonal, and organic-inspired floral patterns complement a wide array of outdoor design aesthetics — and can even carry a statement of their own as a customizable, yet cost-effective, piece of surface art.

Emser Tile_Rhapsody Diagonal-1
Shown: Rhapsody Diagonal

Patterns can be carried from the floor to the wall, resulting in unique chevron installs or color- or pattern-alternating themes. Moreover, when installed at random, the diagonal pattern creates a kaleidoscope effect that transforms any space into a rustic retreat.

Emser Tile_Rhapsody Black and White
Shown: Rhapsody Black and White

Rhapsody’s 13” x 13” tiles revel in a back-to-basics square pattern with a completely new feel. The resilient collection carries an unparalleled lifespan, is easy to install, and is easy to maintain with a simple sealant. 

See the collection first-hand at SURFACES booth #5647.

Feature image: Rhapsody White, Rhapsody Black, and Rhapsody Diagonal 

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