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Introducing Nuovo

Posted by Emser Tile on Mar 15, 2018 9:18:16 AM

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Delivering undeniable glamour and sophistication to residential and commercial interiors, Nuovo™ exhibits form and texture in a unique 12” x 35” scope. Achieve a beautiful display of shadow and dimension through these glazed ceramic wall tiles.

Distinct large-scale geometry is enhanced with small-scale etched details that refract light and complement other textures throughout a space. Four patterns use dimensionality as luxurious design statements or subtle, yet intriguing backdrops. From largest- to smallest-scale, each pattern showcases its unique personality:

  • With Princess, thin waves reveal undulating shadows for a modern approach to a clean, serene interior.
  • Cubic layers perfect squares with irregular angles for a dynamic interpretation of a honeycomb.
  • Royal alternates small-scale horizontal and vertical linear etching in an overarching horizontal linear pattern.
  • Zelda, the smallest scale within Nuovo, alludes to a monochromatic pincheck textile for subtle intrigue. 

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Nuovo invites customization opportunities. Intertwine large- and small-scale designs for an even more dynamic wallcovering.

Emser Tile_Nuovo_Princess and Zelda.jpg
Shown: Nuovo in Princess and Zelda

How do you visualize Nuovo for your walls?

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