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Introducing Glitz

Posted by Emser Tile on Dec 27, 2017 9:19:07 AM

Emser Tile_Glitz_Love room.jpg
Mixed materials are flourishing throughout today’s residential and commercial designs. Fuse material, texture, and color variations for surfaces that take on new aesthetics. 

A glass and metal mix series that emulates captivating brush-like movement, Glitz™ enables a myriad of design opportunities for backsplashes, fireplace facades, and shower and accent walls.

Emser Tile_Glitz_Fame.jpg
Shown: Glitz in Fame

Shimmering mosaics feature metallic accents and layered texture in hexagon shapes. An array of eye-catching color variations - Fame, Glory, Joy, Love, and Value - evoke feeling through artful form.

Glitz Fame 12x12-1.jpgGlitz Glory 12x12-1.jpgGlitz Joy 12x12-1.jpgGlitz Love 12x12-1.jpgGlitz Value 12x12-1.jpg
Shown from left to right: Glitz in Fame, Glory, Joy, Love, and Value

Install Glitz’s Love coloration to complement bronze, industrial-inspired designs, or consider Fame and Glory to accompany lighter-toned themes.

How will Glitz inspire your contemporary designs? 

Feature image: Glitz in Love

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