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Introducing Code: Creating Art with a Multidimensional Tile Series

Posted by Emser Tile on May 16, 2017 8:56:00 AM

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“Shadow owes its birth to light.” – John Gay

The interplay of light and shadow to create an artful display of actively shifting shapes is uniquely illustrated through our new multidimensional tile series, Code. Ideal for contemporary statement interiors, this ceramic and porcelain collection is a high-design wall and floor surface material achieved through high-resolution printing and advancements in tile technology.

Emser Tile_Code_Hexagon HighT Metallic.jpg
Pictured: Code, Hexagon High-T in Metallic and White

Its minimal and neutral forms offer endless design opportunities with flat, faceted, and reflective variations in surface, shape, and texture. Code’s various dimensions and textures of geometric tiles result in a myriad of aesthetics from sleek to multidimensional.

Code’s three tile shapes—hexagon, wedge, and trapezoid—allow designers to reimagine the depths, dimensions, and patterns that can be achieved on wall and floor surfaces. Hexagon and wedge shapes are available in nine 2D, 3D, and textural takes from smooth to lines in bas relief and metallic matte finishes. Flat trapezoid tiles allow for unique compositions on the wall and floor simply by orienting tiles in various degrees.

Emser Tile_Code Hexagon Line_White.jpg
Pictured: Code, Hexagon Line in White

Each shape within the series presents its own exponential range of pattern potentials. Consider the hexagon shape in its various dimensions and colors:

  • The multifaceted high metallic hexagon tiles provide a futuristic appeal for edgy interiors.
  • The same shape in Calacatta marble is more elegant in nature.
  • A flat hexagon with white lines provides a contemporary, crisp texture.
  • The hexagon in white 3D texture, achieved through light and shadow effects, is an almost interactive modern visual.
  • The smooth white counterpart – the simplest form – is sleek and familiar.

Emser Tile_Code_Wedge High White Brick.jpg
Pictured: Code, Wedge High White Brick on wall; Trapezoid in White on floor

Flexible tile formats invite designers to test the limits of their creativity—the ability to form unique overarching patterns through the very way in which they integrate and orient tiles unleashes enormous design potential. Strategically mix flat and dimensional tile patterns on the wall to create large-scale art with transforming texture, or move from the floor up to and throughout the wall in a single shape for a clean, angular aesthetic on multiple surface planes. 

Code wedge 3d 3.jpg
Pictured: Code, 3D Wedge in White

Whether transitioning through various textures, colors, and patterns, or playing with tile orientation, Code encourages truly unique designs that create visual intrigue and bring wall art to life. The results redefine the traditional perspective of wall and floor tile, inviting you to explore artistic expression with a new medium.

Discover Code featured in TILE Magazine and Floor Focus.

Feature image: Code, Hexagon 3D White

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