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Introducing Center

Posted by Emser Tile on Oct 5, 2018 8:33:00 AM


This year and beyond, the surface to watch is the wall. Three-dimensional textures and lively colors create wall aesthetics never seen before, and Emser Tile is excited to introduce wall tiles at the forefront of design.

Center™ embraces the harmony of texture and shape on the wall in 13” x 36” tiles. Explore the series’ three unique motifs, acting as a design springboard with visual interest.

CENTER HEX white room

Hex White: Alternating columns of raised and flat hexagons bring a new perspective to the geometric pattern. 

Center Linear room

Linear White: Large-scale linear texture invites a contemporary, almost industrial, feel.

Center wood room 3

Wood White: Classic wood grain meets matte white coloring for a modern complement to darker neutrals.

Explore the Center collection here.

Feature image: Center Hex White

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