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Honing in on Home Design: Lessons from HGTV & Trading Spaces Designer, Vern Yip

Posted by Emser Tile on Mar 1, 2018 8:37:46 AM

“Your home should be a physical manifestation of you.”

This February, we had the pleasure of attending the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show in Charlotte, North Carolina in pursuit of residential design inspiration.

From gardening advice to a “make your house your home” session with designer Vern Yip, we encountered just that, and more. From TLC’s Trading Spaces (which returns this April with the entire original cast) to HGTV Design Star to his own design firm based in Atlanta, Vern has tackled the world of design head-on.

Vern believes that when you walk through your front door, you should feel reenergized, like there is nowhere else you would rather be. Explore, with us, four of our top takeaways from Vern’s design tips for the home.

  • Incorporate pops of color and organic elements for spring
    With the spring season rapidly approaching, consider incorporating pops of lighter or brighter colors—to your taste—to elements like centerpieces, coasters, or throw pillows. Organic elements also capture the essence of spring and remind you of fresh outdoor air. Display a bowl of fresh apples, rather than faux—they even double as a snack! 
  • Hang artwork at the optimal height
    One of Vern’s most-asked questions is what height to hang artwork on the wall. Everyone’s go-to answer is eye-level. But, who’s eye? The optimal height is ideally 60 inches—the average human height—from the finished floor to the center of the picture or group of pictures. 
  • Find a balance of function and aesthetic 

    Homes require both functionality and your specific aesthetic—they go hand-in-hand. Vern believes you should tailor your home, as you would a dress or a pair of pants, to best suit your needs. According to Vern, featuring the artwork and design pieces you love throughout your home simply requires a thread of continuity. Rather than focusing on matching colors or elements, create a foundation of functional elements that highlight your design taste by simply using symmetry.
  • Employ the effects of natural light
    Most homes have windows in the foyer, dining room, or living space. Capitalize on the effect of natural light by hanging a large mirror opposite a window for a sense of openness and peacefulness. This allows the light to reflect and extend into hallways and open spaces. As an added bonus, natural light is beneficial for your health and happiness.

For more insider tips from his career-long expertise, dive into Vern’s best-selling book - Vern Yip’s Design Wise: Your Smart Guide to a Beautiful Home

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