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Hauntingly Beautiful Architecture

Posted by Emser Tile on Oct 31, 2017 9:19:41 AM

From inventive costumes to whimsical décor, we love the creativity that Halloween inspires. This year, we look to architecture’s past for a themed dose of inspiration: The Gothic era.

Known for dark, twisting corridors and famed stained glass depictions, Gothic architecture and art have long been associated with the supernatural, and are sure to spook and amaze. Emerging in the Middle Ages, Gothic architecture evolved from Romanesque architecture - a style characterized by rounded arches.


With dramatic pointed arches, vaulted ceilings, and fearsome gargoyles, Gothic architecture can be seen throughout Europe in many of its celebrated cathedrals. Italian Renaissance writers later coined the term ‘gothic,’ comparing medieval architecture to the barbaric Gothic tribes that destroyed the Roman Empire.


Even though the Renaissance era looked down on the period, Gothic style was one of the first times we saw architecture move from functionality to aesthetics. Gothic architecture also prompted Gothic art, which featured sophisticated monumental sculptures, stained glass, and painting depictions. Gothic style was later revived in the 19th century to commemorate its impact on British heritage. 

From ghost tours to home decorating, how will the influences of Gothic architecture inspire your Halloween? 


Photography courtesy of Unsplash.

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