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Emser Tile & mindful MATERIALS

Posted by Emser Tile on Aug 9, 2018 2:21:59 PM

Porch Caramel room

In today’s design world, for interiors to be design-forward they must also be sustainably minded. Sustainable spaces contribute to the well-being of those who use the space, as well as the long-term effects of our environment as a whole. As such, the architecture and design industry is making unique strides in creating spaces that contribute to healthier environments. One of the avenues through which this is achieved is building material choice.

mindful MATERIALS is a leading sustainable design industry initiative that provides a common platform for its partners to communicate transparency and optimization building product information. The online library provides architects and designers with a go-to database to learn more about a product’s sustainable background.

We are proud to share that Emser Tile ceramic and porcelain series are now a part of the mindful MATERIALS library. Nearly all our tile products are housed in the database with product descriptions, details, and sustainability certificates, including Health Product Declarations.

LEED - a USGBC standard - has become “the international standard for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance structures,” and its latest certification focuses on measuring sustainable performance throughout a building’s entire life cycle. Notably, all Emser Tile collections contribute to LEED v4 certification with zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions - improving indoor air quality for those use a space.

Beyond contributing to LEED v4, ceramic and porcelain tiles are naturally antimicrobial, offer unparalleled longevity with lifespans of more than 50 years, and inherently support building efficiency.

Explore more about the inherent ways tile contributes to an eco-conscious environment, and discover the mindful MATERIALS library here. 

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