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Designing Dining

Posted by Emser Tile on Aug 22, 2017 8:54:11 AM

Up until the early 1900s, kitchens were just that – kitchens. Strictly functional and historically situated in the back of the home, kitchens were not seen as showplaces within the home – a major difference from the entertaining kitchens of today. Today’s kitchens and dining spaces are luxurious, spacious, and inviting for guests - sometimes even the selling point of a home. 

From backsplashes to large islands and dining room tables, we explore three of our favorite modern kitchens emphasizing inviting design elements that encourage you to come for the food and stay for the ambiance.

Choice (backsplash) and Winter Frost (mosaic)

Embrace contrast for a striking design statement by incorporating a clean white backsplash, intricate mosaic, and black marble countertops. Enhance visual contrast even further by incorporating a darker color grout behind white tile. Designed by Robby Griffin & Lisa Forrest.


All-white kitchens enable pops of color and textured backsplashes to stand out. In this monochromatic kitchen, elegant pendant lighting reflects off a mixed-material glass and metal mosaic backsplash - creating a shimmering aesthetic.


Moving into the dining area from the kitchen, incorporate a large-format marble tile wall divider to create an intimate space where family and friends can gather. Incorporating the distinctive appeal of marble in a vertical setting creates a visually appealing gathering area with its natural variations.

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