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Design Without Boundaries: Wall Tile

Posted by Emser Tile on May 25, 2017 7:32:43 AM

Tile has been traditionally installed on floors for decades, but walls are redefining tile design opportunities as a new medium with unique textural capabilities. Wall tile can complement an overall design aesthetic, provide a striking contrast, or act as a focal point in itself. 

Tile has evolved as a true design element and is taking over today’s wall planes with:

  • Increasingly larger sizes ranging from 12” x 24” all the way to 59” x 118”
  • The opportunity to move from the floor up to and throughout the wall in a single shape for a clean, angular aesthetic
  • Multidimensional looks creating an artistic statement with visual intrigue

From more traditional tile sizes that morph into artful mosaics to the contemporary, clean visuals that gauged porcelain panels enable, here are some of the ways you can push the limits of design by installing tile on walls.

Shown: Expanse in Calacata, 59” x 118” polished

The flexibility of our Expanse™ series allows various patterns to transform into wall slabs and carry from the floor to the wall with its thin gauged porcelain material. This modern, seamless look can be used in a myriad of projects — ranging from small residential spaces to large commercial surfaces. 

Expanse_4 (1).jpg
Shown: Expanse in Verso Black, 59” x 118” polished

Wall tile uniquely enhances a space in ways that were never seen before. It can dress up any space bringing reflective qualities to the surface — from a residential bathroom to an outdoor backsplash. The bathroom above features our Expanse collection in Verso Black with a seamless transition from the floor to the wall. Our wall tile series pair modern monochromatic tones with the use of texture to complement floor tile without competing with furniture.

Artwork in White and Silver Mini Hexagon, 12” x 35”

Additionally, flexible tile formats are inviting designers to test the limits of their creativity — the ability to form unique overarching patterns through the very way in which they integrate and orient tiles unleashes enormous design potential.

IIDA HD PDC Entry_6.jpg
Code in Metallic and White, Hexagon High-T

If the creativity of wall tile is sparking inspiration, click here to discover the various Emser Tile collections with wall applications that encourage design without boundaries for today’s modern interior and exterior spaces.

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