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Coloring Your 2018

Posted by Emser Tile on Jan 16, 2018 10:05:24 AM

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” - Wassily Kandinsky

Hues have always inspired a feeling. From deep tones that create dramatic statements to the more neutral tones that ground them, we look to the colors to underpin our designs and influence our environments. To kick off the new year, we highlight the latest color trends inspiring our 2018.

PANTONE’s Ultra Violet  

Inspired by “inventiveness and imagination,” PANTONE’s signature color of the year, Ultra Violet, makes a fearless and regal design statement. Pair it with a neutral tile to allow it to shine.

Sherwin Williams’ Oceanside 
Ombre_Blue (1).jpg

Described as “both accessible and allusive,” Sherwin Williams’ Oceanside embodies the complexity of a deep, nautical-inspired teal. Use it for eye-catching, all-over designs, or as an accent in a bedroom or living space. Our Ombre™ Blue glazed ceramic wall tile perfectly captures the aura of this dramatic hue. 

BEHR’s In the Moment
Pivot_Rotate (1).jpg

This nature-inspired color is found throughout coastal décor globally and delivers a serene feel. Use it in cheerful kitchens or peaceful hideaways to bring the coast into your own home. Pivot™ Rotate emulates the blue-green tones of BEHR’s In the Moment hue in a thin glass mosaic.

GLIDDEN’s Deep Onyx

GLIDDEN’s “back to the basics” color finds joy in the simplicity of an easygoing black tone. Pair it with yellows, browns, and touches of pink for different design takes. Found throughout our mod-inspired Design Form™, Deep Onyx delivers a bold aesthetic that makes a memorable statement.

Benjamin Moore’s Caliente

Described as “strong, radiant, and full of energy,” Benjamin Moore’s bold red is a signature tone surfacing in 2018. Use it with whites, light blues, and navy for classic looks. Our Vogue™ Ceramic Red is available in both gloss and matte finishes for enhanced coloration.

How will you use the 2018 Colors of the Year in your designs?

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