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A Timeless, Bold Hue: Black in Design and Architecture

Posted by Emser Tile on Feb 16, 2018 9:49:26 AM

When we discovered GLIDDEN’s 2018 color of the year, Deep Onyx, we were inspired to dive into how black, a ‘back to the basics’ hue, is making a comeback as a true design force in 2018.

Black celebrates simplicity, boldness, and timelessness all in one. It can be paired with bright tones or even with lighter neutrals. Today, we explore how black is taking shape in fixtures, architecture, and tile and natural stone.

Black fixtures and accents
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Ryan Brown of Southern California’s Brown Design Group predicts that “black fixtures will take the place of brass as the new hot home hardware” in 2018. Not only do they make a modern statement, but they are also easier to clean - especially in a matte finish.

A matte black finish can complement a variety of materials and can transition to a multitude of aesthetics - from classic to transitional to contemporary.

Black in architecture
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On a much larger scale, we’re a takeover in black monochrome architecture. This all-over architectural theme represents a powerful, eye-catching design statement that celebrates prominence and functionality. 

Black in tile and natural stone 

As we create tile and stone collections for flooring, surfaces, and accent walls, we embrace black as a timeless feature color.

Emser Tile_Design_Form.jpg
In our mod-inspired Design Form collection, black takes form in dynamic geometric patterns - offering a bold aesthetic. Consider this graphic series along a kitchen floor or bath wall, and even pair it with a black-painted accent wall.

Emser_Expanse_Verso Black_59x118.jpg
For a more dramatic statement that exudes modernity, consider gauged porcelain or marble with a black undertone - seen here with Expanse.

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