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7 Reasons to Celebrate National Tile Day

Posted by Emser Tile on Feb 23, 2019 8:24:24 AM

Rhapsody Black White and Diagonal

Rhapsody by Emser Tile

At Emser Tile, we spend our days immersed in the world of tile, so every day seems like National Tile Day to us. Yet February 23 offers us a special opportunity to truly reflect on the value of tile within any designed environment. 

Tile offers a myriad of functional and aesthetic benefits to residential and commercial spaces alike, so to celebrate National Tile Day, we’re sharing five of our top tile benefits:

1. Tile exudes durability 


Myth by Emser Tile

Tile and natural stone offer strength and resiliency in a variety of applications, from high-traffic areas to high-use baths to decorative inlays and statement mosaics. With scratch- and stain-resistant properties, using tile can provide long-reaching benefits. More durable than other finishes, tile marries durability with design quality, providing the look and aesthetic of other materials, like wood, with the trusted durability of tile.

2. Tile offers easy maintenance

 Emser Tile_Divine Poseidon

Divine by Emser Tile

Many tile collections have impenetrable glazes, meaning their surfaces are resistant to water, dirt, chemicals, oil, debris, and even germs and bacteria. For collections that are unglazed, the stone’s impervious properties create similar advantages. Tile’s ease-of-maintenance is of true benefit to home owners, business owners and facility managers alike, suiting busy environments where unexpected messes are prone to occur, but easy to clean.   

3. Tile suits any budget


Center by Emser Tile

Tile is uniquely positioned to offer a spectrum of price points. Property owners are often able to select beautiful tile designs within their budget because of the volume of collections available. From trendy and luxurious collections to tried-and-true designs, tile selections can be attuned to meet your budget.

4. Tile invites inspiration.

Emser Tile_Master bath_Winter Frost Chevron_Winter Frost Hex 1in_Silver 16x32 (1)

Winter Frost (walls) and Silver Marble (floor) by Emser Tile, design by Vern Yip

Tile aesthetics truly run the gamut of design styles. Not only can you find tile that carries out your design vision, tile regularly challenges and inspires vision with new and unique looks. In addition, the opportunity to be creative with tile installation — whether by using different patterns, like a herringbone, or by installing in new and unexpected areas, such as feature walls — means that the vastly ranging looks are multiplied, from the modern farmhouse to the sleekest office and trendiest hotel.

5. Tile is sustainable. 


Photography by Gray City Studios, design by Elliott + Associates Architects

Tile is an ideal means of infusing sustainable properties into an environment. Tile is a natural material, meaning it has no volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, and has a life span of more than 50 years, translating into less material needed over time and less environmental impact. 

In today’s business world, sustainably minded spaces are a must. Since tile is made up of natural materials, it can help a finished space earn coveted green building certifications, including LEED v4.

6. Tile gives any environment an edge. 


King of Prussia Mall, design by CallisonRTKL

Within the competitive world of restaurants and hospitality, guest spaces must stand out. Using tile is a unique way to add “wow” factor with the added benefit of durability. Whether in the form of a dramatic lobby accent wall or throughout a eye-catching dining room floor, tile will withstand the test of time and stand up to the competition.

7. Tile suits indoor and outdoor spaces alike. 

Emser Tile_Pool_Esplanade Trail Mosaic

Esplanade by Emser Tile, design by Vern Yip

Uniquely suited to resist UV and sun exposure, tile makes is the perfect solution for outdoor spaces. Whether installing inside a home, or as part of a pool or fountain, tile is a weather withstanding and design-savvy solution. Through its many patterns and combinations, tile can add a unique look to any pool oasis or patio.

8. Tile connects a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Borigni 35x35 Gray room

Borigni by Emser Tile

Tile even enables beautiful indoor/outdoor living spaces, where indoor areas seamlessly connect with outdoor spaces, like patios, by continuing the same flooring material throughout both environments.

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