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5 Ways Lighting Design Enhances Tile

Posted by Emser Tile on Jul 27, 2017 9:43:20 AM

Uncovering the integral relationship between light and shadow, and flooring or walls, opens endless design opportunities for the home. From chandeliers to pendants, the choice of lighting in a living area, bath, or even outdoors goes beyond brightening a space to actually highlighting the beautiful qualities of tile and other design elements.

Take a tour through each space in the home with us, and explore how to enhance tile’s reflective qualities through lighting design.


Experience the ultimate elegant ambiance in a foyer with crystal lighting and marble flooring. Chandeliers with shine draw the eye upward, allowing us to visually explore a vertical plane and notice high ceilings. When looking downward, notice how the chandelier reflects off of a polished white marble, seen here with our Kalta Collection. These reflections also accentuate the naturally occurring variations of the marble.


Don’t underestimate the power of natural light in a living space or walkway. Sunlight through wall-sized windows and an open skylight enables the true tone of a neutral plank tile to emerge. Experience the dynamic movement of sandstone, brought to life with high graphic definition and emphasized with natural lighting, with Access™. 


Add a dynamic pendant light for the perfect finishing touch to a modern vanity. The intricacies of this clear cylindrical design brighten up on-trend gray wall tile, like our Specular™ series, which is also complemented by backlighting the mirror.


Pair opposing design forces for a refreshing aesthetic. For a luxury bathroom with a freestanding tub, incorporate the glitz of a larger pendant with decorative accents surrounded by contrasting mosaics and pebbles. Charm™ lines this accent wall as Cultura™ sets the tone on the floor. 


Purposefully placed outdoor lighting adds drama a sophistication to outdoor gathering spaces. These shadow lights highlight the dimension and strength of an American Rockies™ natural stone wall while also serving a functional purpose.

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