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4 Simple Tips for Creating a Joyful Thanksgiving

Posted by Emser Tile on Nov 14, 2017 8:54:05 AM

“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.” - Karl Barth

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays to spread joy - celebrating with family and friends provides the perfect festive atmosphere to count our blessings! Usher in the upcoming holiday with our tips for an inviting, relaxing, and undoubtedly beautiful Thanksgiving.

“Help yourself” comfort food table
Create a low-stress setup for all your delicious dishes and desserts by placing a side table near the dining table. This easy-to-access holiday buffet provides a functional focal point for your Thanksgiving spread. Before the meal, consider preparing pre-packed leftovers in disposable containers, so you and your guests can relax after a filling meal.

Focus on the reason for the season
Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. Celebrate thankfulness, and the joy it brings, by expressing gratitude. HGTV’s chain of thanks, where guests write their thoughts that are then displayed as part of the tablescape, is a creative way to incorporate thanks into your Thanksgiving tradition.

Take drinks and dining outdoors
All year, we’ve celebrated the trend of indoor to outdoor living. Weather permitting, set up a bar outside for drinks and appetizers, or bring your main course to an outdoor farm table. In fact, one of Elle Decor’s top 10 Thanksgiving hosting tips from interior designers is to set up the bar outside. This allows guests to take in some fresh air and even play an impromptu game of football after the big game. 

Don’t forget the décor
From the wreath at the front door to a memorable centerpiece, like a faux white pumpkin vase or a rustic candle box, Thanksgiving décor provides numerous opportunities to evoke a festive atmosphere for guests. Explore Pinterest for inspiration - some of our favorite boards this year are from Country Living and House Beautiful.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Share with us in the comments.

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