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4 Hints for an Inspiring New Year

Posted by Emser Tile on Dec 29, 2017 8:22:00 AM

A new year brings new ideas, goals, and opportunities. The key to accomplishing these 2018 opportunities is choosing meaningful goals that inspire us.

At Emser Tile, we are excited to expand our horizons by learning something new in 2018, while aligning with our 2017 design goals of simplicity and sustainability. We hope these four helpful hints inspire your upcoming year.

Embrace Simplicity
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In an ever-changing world, embrace the power of simplicity in your life and in your designs. Minimalism, a growing 21st-century theme, welcomes the ‘more is less’ concept. Use January to declutter your home or office, and in the coming months, consider using simplistic design materials for a serene feel. 

Explore Design Inspiration
From social media to blogs, there are thousands of opportunities for discovering new sources of design inspiration and evolving your aesthetic. We recommend Pinterest boards from
HGTV or House Beautiful. You can even check out our blog, Finishing Thoughts, each week for our latest insights, from Q&As with designers to tile features.

Learn Something New
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With a new year comes to new knowledge. Consider taking a Continuing Education Course (CEU) of your choice to dive into the latest industry recommendations, or attend a trade show to explore emerging trends in the tile world. Emser Tile will be participating in numerous 2018 trade shows - the NAHB International Builders’ Show, Surfaces, and HD Expo, to name a few.

Go Green
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Find small ways throughout the year to go green - supporting the environment and your well-being. From walking to work to specifying healthy building materials, there are a variety of ways to prioritize sustainability in 2018. Did you know that all ceramic and porcelain tile series contribute to LEED v4 certification and improve indoor air quality with zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions?


Leading into the new year, which ideas inspire you?

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