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4 Colors Making a Summer Statement

Posted by Emser Tile on Jul 13, 2017 8:48:00 AM

From travel to fashion to design, there is something special about summer that seems to bring new energy. Refresh an outdoor space or bring the ambiance of summer indoors with the optimistic tones thriving this season. From bold and bright to subtle and sophisticated, these four colors make the summer season known.

Nothing says summer like green palm fronds, and with sustainability as a key focus in the design industry, natural forces and green tones are making strides this year. In fact, Greenery was named the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year. Use green to bring the outdoors inside. The color symbolizes growth and renewal, and depending on the tone, it can lend a soothing, energetic, or dramatic aesthetic.

Venetian_multicolor_grande.jpg        LucenteLazzaroCircle12x12_cutout_grande.jpg
Set the tone: Bring a traditional, historic look to an outdoor walkway with Venetian Multi Color pebbles (left) or create an elegant decorative shower panel with a Lucente Lazzaro mosaic (right).

In need of a crisp color that commands attention? Look no further than white. Whether painting the walls or hanging towels, white breaks through the clutter bringing a clean, fresh look to any room for the refreshing summer season. 

Set the tone: Create visual intrigue and texture on the wall with Catalyst Hydrogen. 

What could be sunnier than yellow? Recognized in the fashion industry, Elle magazine reported 50 shades of yellow as a Spring/Summer 2017 New York Fashion Week trend. We’re seeing the shade carried into design with fresh pops of yellow used to brighten entertaining spaces.

Lucente_Sunflower_3x6_7099bce4-7af8-4072-bfb2-2862b2a3ba2d_grande.jpg          W80VISTPR1213MOL_1_grande.jpg
Set the tone: Cover a small bathroom with Lucente Sunflower (left) or build a reflective backsplash with Vista Prospect (right).

Emser Tile_Code_Hexagon HighT Metallic-1.jpg
Metallic lends a modern dimension, while nodding to a nautical aesthetic for the summer season. Its reflective qualities add an element of intrigue to unexpected surfaces.

Set the tone: Build an accent wall with Code Metallic.

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