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4 Captivating Chevron Tile Applications

Posted by Emser Tile on May 11, 2018 7:58:00 AM

First seen in early art, including pottery and rock carving designs, the chevron pattern has staying power. Today, the shape is constructed in luxe residential and commercial spaces. From alternating panels to mixed-material mosaics, explore four chevron applications inspiring us. 


While often installed in one consistent direction, alternating the route of angular designs can create a new perspective. Take hold of what an accent wall is meant to accomplish by alluding to movement across a surface for an eye-catching pattern. Velocity enables this flow in seamless 17” x 35” form.

Borigni Gray room with diagonal pattern

Stand-alone patterns can transform into new shapes through creative installation. Borigni, a series with raised diagonal texture, encourages designers to create their own patterns. Taking on a mirroring effect, diagonal transforms into chevron with side-by-side panels.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 10.52.44 AM

Through intentional design, two different shapes and materials shine side by side. In this Inhabit Interiors master bath, Winter Frost marble takes from as a chevron accent strip, while a large format veincut look surrounds the pattern in a horizontal offset. 

Emser Tile_Intrigue_Chevron Gray Fawn

Mixing materials adds an additional textural element to a chevron base. Intrigue balances matte porcelain and glass with glossy marble for a design-forward pattern that is woven into one. 

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