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3 Takeaways from Emser University

Posted by Emser Tile on Nov 14, 2018 9:10:14 AM

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As a Training magazine 2018 Training Top 125 winner, we are dedicated to training our associates and our partners in the latest in tile and stone product knowledge, manufacturing processes, and selling strategies. Emser Tile leads the way in customized, multi-tiered learning and development through our award-winning training program, Emser University.

Discover three key lessons learned in Emser University:

There is more to mortar and grout color than meets the eye.

Designed by Robert & Lisa Griffin

Mortar is an adhesive that binds tile or stone, while grout is a filler between tiles and can be considered in a design sense. Typically, white mortar is preferred when installing lighter stones and glass tiles, and gray mortar is used for darker stones and porcelain/ceramic tiles. Discoloration can occur, affecting your surface design, if dark mortar is used with lighter-toned stone or glass tile. Grout color is also important to consider. If installing a white porcelain tile with gray grout, use a gray mortar to prevent bleeding through on the finished grout. Similarly, white mortar is recommended for installing dark porcelain with white grout.

Tile product knowledge is ever-evolving.

Beach wood_nasser
Beach Wood™ Nasser

Today’s tile looks are constantly evolving in shape, size, and aesthetic with the help of high-definition printing technology to ensure the newest looks. There is always something new to discover with tile products — whether it’s technical attributes, applications, or trends. Explore blogs like DesignMilk for the latest in interior design trends. 

Natural stone features inherent variation.

Design by Studio Jhoiey; photography courtesy of Byron Motley Photography.

Stone is a natural material featuring inherent variation in veining and color. Marble from five years ago could look different today. We encourage designers and partners to embrace the beauty in variability and to expect a range of appearances when choosing natural stone. 

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