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1 Series, 3 Ways: Barn

Posted by Emser Tile on Mar 29, 2018 10:44:31 AM

Rustic luxe design influences can be seen across the interior design industry in everything from farmhouse kitchens to industrial-inspired commercial spaces. Boasting petrified materials to patterned panels, the diversity of today’s wood-look tiles enable durable and sustainable installations without compromising aesthetic.

We capture the sought-after look of wood planks worn over time with Barn™. Explore three potential creative applications for the popular collection.

All-white outdoor offset pattern

Embrace the painted wood look with Barn’s white coloration and rustic variations installed in an offset pattern. White flooring pops in an outdoor setting, making the most of ample natural light.

Alternating color backsplash
Consider combining colors for intriguing contrast. The innovative new WD-40 Company headquarters feature an open-concept cantina kitchen where team members break for lunch and brainstorming. Across an expansive backsplash, Barn is installed in alternating black and white tones to accent the space.

All-black accent wall paired with true wood
Paired with true wood elements like a ladder or bookcase, Barn’s darker shades complete a rustic look. Consider a complementary tone that enhances, not competes with, natural wood accents. 

How will Barn inspire you?

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